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A dream becomes a goal when the right action is taken towards its achievement. And the Progress is easier when it is perfectly timed, checked, and measured


Dr. Netha Hussain
PhD in neurology at University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

I am greatly impressed by the excellent facilities and good quality teaching materials offered by CORE. The faculties have several years of experience in coaching for entrance examinations. Congratulations for bringing out exam toppers every year and keep up the amazing work! All the best!

It was in 2009 that I appeared for Medical Entrance. Unlike others who went through a lot of stress, I was fully composed and relaxed. I was nearly sure that I would qualify for the college of my choice, thanks to the excellent guidance from FM sir and others!

I did qualify for many institutes including the prestigious CMC Vellore and Aligarh Muslim University for MBBS. I completed MBBS at Govt. Medical college, Kozhikode.

Best wishes for the top centre for excellence at Kondotty! Keep inspiring many more students to excel!

Dr. Salwa kaidakath

Getting in to an institution of national importance was one of my goals. I am really grateful to CORE for helping me reach one of the best colleges in India. The concept oriented study at core helped me a lot. I just studied what I was taught and did what I was told, nothing more. Be ambitious and work smart. Thank you CORE.

Dr. Muhsina Nasrin

I feel very grateful to all my teachers of core who changed the course of my life and helped me a lot towards the accomplishment of my dream. CORE wasn't just a coaching center for me, it was a center for career guidance, personality development and everything else meant by education.

I joined CORE during my +2 and that was a turning point of my life. Even now, I remember that day when NS told me that you can qualify AIIMS so confidently - that planted a dream in me "to study at AIIMS". Those words inspired me a lot, and all the efforts put by me to achieve my dream was just because of that. Their encouragement and excellent teaching pattern can change student's perception about studies.

The classes where mainly concept based, which provided a strong base for XI and XII subjects and made the learning easier. It also made us eager to know more about the subject. I am sure that they have put a lot of efforts in teaching us the complex and tough topics in a much simpler and easier way. The classes were excellent and interesting with amazing facts (application level). Apart from preparing for exams these facts opened our eyes to see the physics and chemistry of things happening around us. The students have full freedom to ask any question which were answered with the best answers in a simpler way.

The library system was also full-fledged with a variety of books that familiarizes the students with a large number of questions.

In my personal opinion its really difficult to find an institution like this, in this era of communication of education. The teachers who taught us are dedicated their life to teaching and they are the best.

Many new programs have been launched now that has increased the quality and effectiveness of teaching and has made learning easier and joyful. Hope that in the coming years also CORE will shine with flying colours.

Kavya Mohan
BITS Hyderabad.

First of all, it feels so great to have an institution like CORE with unmatching faculties, headed by our own FM sir being set up in my own district. Joining BITS was the best decision of my life and I achieved it only because of the guidance and support of FM sir and the others. I would like to extend my sincere wishes to CORE team to bring out the winners out of the young minds.

I urge all the students to make wise use of the excellent facilities provided. Remember - A goal without a plan is nothing. So believe in yourselves and keep working.

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