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You have to dream before your dreams can come true


We have a total automated website available which positively help the parents to keep the track and progress of their child. The Student management system that we have developed will help the parents to know the details and where about of their child. Both parents and students will be given a separate user ID and password to access to this application. We also calculate the OPI (Objective Power Index) of the students to know how much object oriented and target oriented a student is. This helps the management to keep more vigilant and provide intensive attention to those students who fall beyond the average limit.


    Our Campus is located in an attractively welcoming environment and providing pleasant and pollution less atmosphere for the students. We have a vast parking lot without producing any traffic congestion in between .The academic class rooms are fully equipped and furnished in order to make it a more friendly set up for the students. Thus we ensure to enhance the comprehension and listening skills of the students and make learning more effective.


    Core has a computerized individual library for all classes with the total number of books whopping to thousands with the number increasing with each passing day. The libraries have sections ranging from subjects and reference books to fiction and general knowledge. Since Core aims at making learning in an advanced way, there is an assortment of books and the collection includes all the major entrance books available in India. The Borrower details of the books will available for the parents through our website application. This library facility will be available on every day from 8 am to 5 pm.


    Study material for both board and entrance examinations will be available for plus one and plus two students which help the students to attend the exams with confidence and come out with flying colors.


    We conduct OMR examinations and descriptive examinations on regular basis for the students to make them more competitive in entrance exams as well as board exams respectively. Results of various examinations held at our institution will be available via SMS to the respective mobile numbers and the same will be send to the parents through mail in to their email id's. This facility is not available in most of the institutions. Results for the previous examinations can also be viewed by parents at any point of time. By this method we always keep the parents aware about the progress of their children.


    We have a biometric attendance system at our institution to keep the attendance records of our students. The entire system is automated and the details can view through the application available in our website. We have IP cameras installed in our office and class rooms so that parents can visualize the class rooms and their child as when required.


    The excellent staff at Core have received their training and are highly qualified and specialized in their subjects. Each faculty is a subject expert and have extensive teaching experience in their respective fields. Each staff member also imbibes the Core culture and ethos, which is the thread that binds the entire teaching fraternity. Students learn through teacher instruction and group activities. Seminars and workshops also form an integral part of our Curriculum. Teachers use a student-centered style which instills confidence, initiative, and the development of critical and analytical skills which is essential for competitive exams. The service from our dedicated faculties will be available round the clock.


    We provide hostel facilities for boys and girls separate, only for such students who find it difficult to come for the classes on daily basis. Students have to strictly follow the rules and regulations of the hostel and activities against these rules are not compromised by the management. We also have a separate prayer hall for boys and girls attached to our campus.


    We will be having a super batch which will be decided on the basis of various examinations held at core and based on the performance of the students, we will pick a super batch and vigorous and intensive coaching will be provided for these students. This concept helps the students to compete hardly to be in to this batch so that their dreams can be achieved easily and in a much effortless manner.


    Students have facility for online, offline and on demand Examinations. CORE sets its goal as the demands of the time. Most of the exams are conducted online these days. CORE doesn't be sluggish in its procedure to lag behind. CORE opens online exams to help the students appear the exam from any part of the world. Students have right to attend the exam as and when required. This is accomplished through our on demand examination. Thus the evaluation systems of CORE are free from the constraints of time and space.


    Parents receive time to time alerts from CORE about the academic performance of their child. E-mail alerts keep parents in touch with the academic status of the child beyond the borders. Parents receive the details of every academic vibration in regarding exams, results, etc...


    By the username and password Provided, parents can easily log on the web page of CORE from anywhere in the world and analyse the status of the student including the results of the entire exams conducted, attendance, library usage etc. The parents who are staying away from the children are virtually with CORE.


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